Johanna Alvin

Johanna is a full time yoga teacher and runs the studio FLOW in Gothenburg. She has a background as a teacher in physical education, a coordinator in the gym industry and as a lecturer. Movement has always been a big part of her life as a dancer and soccer player. She has been teaching all kinds of fitness classes for ten years and her heart is now fully in yoga and mobility. The mind body and the energy body is as important as the physical body.

 "Creativity. Movement. Presence. A grounding powerful source for being in the now, for being honest, for being authentic. That is yoga for me. It is a place where the inner me meets the outer me. The polarities that gives space for everything in between. Effortlessness. Heart. Freedom. Ease. Meditation. Movement. Flow."

What is your best training tips?

To use your whole body, every dimension of it. Cardio, strength, mobility, recovery and stillness. And to use both your physical body and mental body to bring out all of your skills. Find your starting point and start from there. Don´t quit. Be curious. Have patience. Use the balance between recovery and pushing your limits.

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga to keep focus, keep my physical body strong and my mind sharp. It creates space for me to grow and stay present. It's an ease that carries me. My practice is a lifestyle, some days it's breathing, meditation or asanas and some days it is all of it. It is a way of life that keeps me healthy and vibrant on all levels. Inside and outside.