Intensify with CASALL hit

Welcome to Casall HIT, the world of High Intensity Training. Casall HIT is a challenging and effective concept dedicated to people looking for the next level of training – from individuals to groups, from rookies to professionals.

Connect to your power

How does HIT work? Well, based on anatomy and physiological fundamentals we know that hard work in a short amount of time can create great results. Placing muscles under a lot of pressure will develop them more effectively than your ordinary training sessions. But they will also need more time to recover. You can’t just go out there and go nuts.  High intensity training needs to be well balanced and planned if you want to reap the benefits from it.

We’ve got it covered for you. The Casall HIT concept helps you with everything from planning the training, to the gear, to how to handle your recovery. The important parts of the Casall HIT concept are the HIT tools, the HIT compression wear and the HIT-app. They will help you connect to your power and get the most out of your training. Check out the rest of the site to learn more about the different components of Casall HIT.

HIT Tools help you intensify

Do you want to improve your power, strength, endurance, explosiveness and agility? The range of Casall HIT-tools will help you develop your training.  The weight vest, the performance parachute, the resistor sac, the multi balance trainer and many more HIT-tools will help you maximize the output of your training. Trust us; this is the perfect way of putting a smile on your face. Session satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Want to HIT it straight away? Find your nearest shop in the store locator, or have a look in our online shop. It’s full with the new HIT training tools and wear. 

Then download the HIT App. 55 exercises and 13 training programs will keep you busy and in good shape. HIT IT!