Casall Training

Good to see you here, it means that you either are committed to training or are about to be. Regardless of if you're a beginner or advanced trainer, Casall is here to inspire and empower you.

Learn how to best use our tools and get inspired by our various exercises by browsing our training section, or – even better – bring a personal trainer home with you, by downloading our training app Casall T.O.D. Available on AppStore and Google Play

T.O.D. means Casall Training of The Day and the app contains 75 full training programs all developed and supervised by Casall trainer Matthew Griffiths. 

Get your pulse going with one of our Cardio programs, push your limits by choosing Strength, or focus on a specific musclegroup with a fifteen minute Shape. Just recently we launched Yoga in our app and with the yoga programs you can practise yoga whenever, wherever.  

Optimal Boost 15 minShapeAll round
Speed Builder 40 minStrengthBeginner
Sculpture Intensify 45 minStrengthAll round
Shoulder Shape 15 minShapeAll round
Sculpture Enhance 30 minStrengthAll round